I hope someone can help me decipher the purpose of the swfaddress-optimizer.js

As I understand it is responsible for the redirects (to the swfaddressed # version if you landed on the non-# version but have flash and vice versa). Please tell me if it does more or if I’m totally wrong.

I am trying to add a user preference to the swfaddress functionality. So a user may choose to view plain html is they prefer. The choice is stored in a cookie. That is checked by the js function isCookie. This all works BUT I can’t figure out how to use the swfaddress-optimizer.js as if flash is disabled. I thought I might get away with setting an impossibly high version requirement (see “?flash=99” below) but that doesn’t seem to work…

Below is a sample from a template file which is published via php (the [@tag]'s are replaced by the php script).

if (isCookie("flash")) {
    //goto swfAddress url
    document.write('<script src="[@js_url]swfaddress-optimizer.js?flash=[@flash_version]&amp;swfaddress=[@deeplink_url]&amp;base=[@base_url]" type="text/JavaScript"><\/script>');
} else {
    //goto NON-swfAddress url
    document.write('<script src="[@js_url]swfaddress-optimizer.js?flash=99&amp;swfaddress=[@deeplink_url]&amp;base=[@base_url]" type="text/JavaScript"><\/script>');

As I have worked out so far; The swfaddress-optimizer.js takes 3 queries

flash = Number (required flash version)
swfaddress = String (url after #)
base = String (desired url before #)

Any ideas?