Swf's and Mac OSX

Hi everybody, hope one of you flash masters might be able to figure this one out :wink:

Someone with a Mac and OSX told me they couldn’t see my swf file on my website. I use Flash MX on my PC and published the swf for Flash 5 for those people still without a Flash6 Player.

The 1st thing I thought when I heard he couldn’t see my swf was that he either doesn’t have a Flash Player or it is too old.

I thought flash penetration of the internet is well over 90%, but I am surprised by how many people with gecko-based browsers (mozilla, epiphany, firebird, etc.) say they can’t see my swf files. People using IE on a PC never have a problem. Has anyone else ran into this problem where people using Mac or “unusual” browsers have a problem seeing swf files?

I do make sure that my swf file’s use the IE and Netscape tags (param name & embed). Any advice or insights into this would be really appreciated!

Thanks and bye for now :slight_smile: !