SWF's and passing Variables?

Is there a way to pass variables from one swf to another and not do it using PHP or ASP. Maybe just storing it to a txt file then loading it? :-\

Also is there a way to build a preloader in one swf that checks to see if another swf is loaded?

I’m reworking my preloader again… might be helpful in a couple of days. The first question I have no clue on. I have a feeling that you can’t do that… but in Flash I try never to say never. I’m always finding new ways of doing something I thought wasn’t possible.

Hey sintax321:

If your talking about having one SWF as your main page, then bringing in an external SWF and showing a preloader as the external SWF loads, then i know how to do it, but if thats not what you mean…sorry :frowning:


i did this stupid sample lat night!


Go there and see if this is what u mean???

All those files that load in, they are all external swf’s!!


Ya its something like that but I want to pass a variable created in one SWF so it can be used in another. It is a little more complicated than just a load movie. If i can acomplish this witout have to use PHP or ASP it will greatly improve the loadmovie FLA I sent you. Your SWF is looking great. Nice to see it is all coming together. I’m glad to see you figured out the preloaders. I was going to put them in the FLA I sent u but I didn’t have time. I hope to have that proper site structure FLA for ypu soon:)

Do you mean 2 separate swf that are on the same HTML page?

pom :asian:

And also though between an swf and a externaly loaded swf(loaded in to a main swf).:slight_smile:

For 2 separate swf, check MM’s site and look for the local Connection object.

For a loaded movie, all you have to do is use _levelN in front. _level0.yourVar=5;// …

Duh stupid me. Of course a external SWF loaded into a main SWF could pick up variables defined in the main SWF. Must of had a brain blackout or something. And thaks for the info on the two separate swf’s I’ll check it out. Quick question does the information at MM’s site have any other code (PHP, ASP) that I’ll have to figure out or is it all stuff I would know?

No backend. The object does the job for you. Nice folks, at MM’s…

Thanks man your the best!:slight_smile: