Swish or flash?

I was wondering what the difference is. It seems like they both do the same things.

I heard swish was easier. Flash is a bit confusing to me.


Swish produces the effect without all the tweening and actionscripting on your part.

Swish is just an easier version of Flash. Although I have never used Swish, I heard it is easier to do text and image effects, but it is harder to build layouts and functional things.

So basically, from what I have heard, Swish is pretty much best for quick easy animations and effects. You can use Flash for so much more though.

here is my story…

i started with swish. just to sorta get used to some things. but as i learned pretty quickly, swish cant make some of the good effects that Mx can.

look at a flash site and compare it to a swish site. you can be the judge:beam:

The learning curve is faster and the terminology is easier to grasp.
Also there are 150 text effects you can do without tweening.