Switch parody

just thought I’d share this 'cause I think it’s PDF - (P retty D amn F unny) if you ask me … [size=1]but then, what do I know ?[/size]

…actually it is a flash-Job…


hehe… orbiting brain lasers would be a big plus in yer arsenal … you should get a few of 'em

I dunno man… I’d rather have Orbitting Laser Stations Equipped with lab Monkies. :love:

*Originally posted by Phil Jayhan *
**He had genetically altered cybergoats with teet lasers, but nothing you speak of marz with lab monkies nonetheless? Did we see the same video? :slight_smile:

The monkies wouldn’t stand a chance anyways against the orbiting brain lasers, not a chance—

pj :wink: **

Ohh ****… I just revealed my secrets… DAMMIT!

But anyways… Monkies have a much better chance than a bunch of “brains”… pssssh… :upset:

oo i have seen this a while ago, tho still funny. Ubergeek is the most bestest flash cartooner i have ever seen. he has a good mac switch too.