Switching levels of swf:s or similar function needed!

Hey guys,

I’m putting together a quite large site for school based in Zanzibar and, obviously, they want to show of the beauty of the country with
a large selection of images, used as backgrounds for the more than 20 seperate pages on the site.
To make it as smooth as possible to navigate through the site, I’ve put every single background in a separate SWF and I’ve made them load in a low level only when needed. This works smoothly, except for one, pretty big, problem.
The structure is basically this as of now:
I have a first SWF in _level0 which loads the first background SWF in _level1 on Frame1 and it also loads the menu in _level200.
In the menu, the second button loads the second background in _level2 and so far everything works fine, but as you might have figured out, this is not a solution that will hold up, since I can’t just go on loading the rest of the 20 backgrounds on top of each other.

So my question is this:
is it some how possible to switch the levels of an active swf, i.e. on load completion move the second background SWF from _level2 down to _level1 (and of course unload the first SWF)?

It might be obvious to maybe everyone except me, that this is not possible, and if that is the case, I’d be very grateful for any suggestions on how to solve the issue of 20+ heavy background images on one site.

Best regards!