& symbol in external text file

Hi guys!

Hope you can help! I am using external text files loaded into swfs & I need to know if there is any way at all I can use the and symbol (&) and make it appear in the rest of the text?

Jen :thumb:

Put a “” before it.

Thanks for the reply Kenny,

I tried it and it doesnt seem to work :frowning:

use %26

I found the answer here…


Special Characters

Our first three characters have special meaning and must be encoded to before being passed to the Flash application. These character will not even appear in your text if you do not encode them.

Character* Special Meaning* URL Encoded Symbol

%* Used to encode special characters* %25

&* Used to separate name/value pairs* %26

+* Represents a space within a value* %2B

Thanks for helping me :slight_smile:

Guess we lose, Sen.

…good thing you posted that question, eh? You would’ve been SCREWED without our help. :wink: