Ta Daa My first big job

hey evryone
ive had an offer, through my connections :azn:
to do “screens”, or “all the graphics” for a program Lifeline Australia will be using to keep statistics of all the calls they get.
for those of you who dont know what Lifeline is, its a national suicide hotline / counselling service, its free (sponsored by telstra) and they just got a lot of money from the govt. so they are redoing evrything!

anyway, i havent accepted yet and dont know if i should, i mean it would pay really well, but its alot of work, at least 100 hours+, and im still in school, year 12 to be precise.

im not exactly sure what would be involved in putting my designs into the program, i think it would be made in java or html or somthing.

man, reading over this it doesnt make great sense so ill have a summary… riight…


  • i can get a really good job which would look great on my CV and would pay well.
  • it would take a long time (or alot of time) which i dont know i can spare.
  • i would be takling things i have never done before.

have any of you done anything like this before? if so feedback would be much appreciated