Table height = 100% wont work

I can never get a table to stretch all the way to the bottom screen when I make a site. an example is this: (it’s a mock site for a law firm. im not using this layout anymore, but the problem is exactly what happened to this site.)

Look at it in a big resolution. Notice how the table won’t expand all the way to the bottom. I put a fixed height on it, but before when I’d do 100% it woulnd’t work.

anyone know why the code won’t cooperate?

Add this CSS to the page:

body {
/* along with other stuff you may already be using … /
html {
along with other stuff you may already be using … */

Should work then.

I swear we’ve answered this every week.


also try removing the transitional DOCTYPE from the topline.

simple answer.

Make a table row below all the content rows,
and add a nonbreakingspace inside, and in the ‘td’ and put a hieght=“100%”

This will stretch the last row all the way to the bottom of the page.

Seems like a cheap way to do that… LoL. Never really seen anyone do that either. But I would assume in NS,FF, and Safari it would still screw up.

you can use this trick in addition to the other ones…
put this in the body to this:
It works with the css trick and makes the table fill to the top to the bottom.

arg <table hight=“yourass”>

not really good - keep your fingers off that - will work only in ie!!