Table help needed

Hi there

this is my first post, I have enjoyed the tutorials very much, now I need a bit of help.

I’m trying to design a layout with tables.
Please see the attachment to understand what I mean.

Cell 1 is meant to be 600 pixels wide.
Cell 2 is meant to be 200 pixels wide.
Cell 3 is meant to be about 150 pixels wide.
Cell 4 then should be about 450 pixels wide.

Now my problem is that when I pull cell 3 to make it narrower, then cell 1 inherits same width as cell 3. Cell 2 as well becomes as wide as cell 4, with an unwanted repetition of the background image.

My editor is Frontpage, others editors I have tried behave exactly the same way. Ideas?

Also I wanted to ask: are table still a good idea when it comes to making layouts?

Thank you in advance, Arte


yes MINIMALISTIK is right use manual typing height & width . This should be in persentage or in pixels and use nested tables. This will solve ur problem