Table preperation Mac problem, having worked on PC. (Please Help Me if you know Mac)

Hi People.

Ok I am having troubles, I have alwways designed my sites for Pc, but have usually figured ways of making the design look just as good on both platforms. However I come accross a problem I cannot seem to correct.

Thankfully in work I have the usage of both platforms, and see the results. I will explain my troubles clearly.

I am after a footer on a design, normally you would create one big table with 100% width and 100% height and this would be split into say ’ three rows, I would then make the top table height match my design, the second row would be white space for say text input etc… and finally the third table i.e the footer would be usuallly set to say 30px. Now on the PC this looks great. But on Mac its aweful. I am guessing that MAC I.E has a problem with table presentation. I can use the method of css, to have the footer in place in terms of using a background image and adjust it to repeat on the x axis but not the y, and scrolling, and the presentation is great, but i still have the problem when it comes to adding the footer information.

I hope this makes sense, please please if you know of the solution help me.

Many thanks

Trevor Saint