Tables in Flash

Is it possible to import a table from a textfile which has been formatted with html to a textbox in flash, and have the tables displayed there?

Ie. are the td-tags in html available to either the normal textboxes in flash, or the css-versions of them in flash?

I want to say no. I dont think so, though I could be wrong. Im sure you could find out easily enough in Flash help though.

Well, I went for the empirical approach and tried it out, which I probably should have done before asking, but I wasnt using my flash-computer at the time. You were right, unfortunately - wont recognize table, td, tr - tags :frowning:

If macromedia would implement a table-component that would be very welcome :slight_smile:

How do you guys usually solve this problem? Do you make tables manually (align textboxes next to eachother, or whatnot), or do you have some cool script that can dynamically generate a table, or what?

Perhaps this question is better asked in the actionscript-forum.


there are table-like components out there. I think one might come with flash too, I just dont think they go in text areas

I took a closer look on the more arcane components in the component-list, and it seems that DataSet in combination with DataGrid can make pretty powerful tables, with search-functions, and plenty more. Well, I guess Ill try to learn how to use them then. Thanks for the replies, Sen :slight_smile: