Take #09

Yes, this is my 9th try of my friends and mine little webdesign company page.
No I didn’t post all of the projects here, but this is the latest one, and Im pretty sure that I’m sticking with it.

The current one that Im hopeing to finally finish!

This was the previous one if you’re interested:
I mainly dropped this project because the flower was supposed to be the key elemnet of the site. And as you can see now it the growth effect looks like crap. Sadly I don’t know Swish or 3DS Max :/.

I didn’t wanted to post the current site before completion, but a recent event kinda made me. Mainly, my friend told me that we could sign a contract with some firm, that is willing to pay $3-4 grand per full website (before I got like ~$100 for a full flash site or a graphic design). BUT, in order to see what we are able to do, we need a portfolio site - this one - by freaking monday!

Anyway, I need some opinions, suggestions - the works if possible :).