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[Today, 09:53 AM]
hey all,
i want the dolfin to speed to the ringtarget and at the top slowdown and speed again down…

and if possible make the rotation better of the dolfin… adjusting at the curve of the path…


i include the fla and a swf…

[■■■■ nobody to help me? [Today, 14:53 PM ]]

thanks anyway…

this is not a crosspost but i realy need this fixed today :slight_smile: :frowning:

take a look at this thread i posted before…



it still remains to be the wrong place to be posting this!

maybe not because its a part of a big game… so for me its (Source/Experiments)…

…heheheheehe ok man…


so anyhelp?



just a note:
this is where you post finished and done experiements with the sources and not to find some help on your project/ experiment…



Have no fear Manga, Super Newb Woad is here to save the .Fla!!!

Now, freddie’s right, but I understand your desperation. Actually, Freddie I’d say your a jerk saying that to him, coming here only to tell him that this is the wrong place and not even try to offer help. So anyways, eh, here’s some rotating code from my current project:

myRadians = Math.atan2(_root._ymouse-this._y,_root._xmouse-this._x);
myDegrees = Math.round((myRadians*180/Math.PI));
this._rotation = myDegrees+90;

So wherever you put that is where you’d want the dolphin to move. Except, that makes it turn towards the mouse. Now if you wanted it to turn towards a certain spot, perhaps the targets? Then just do this:

myRadians = Math.atan2(RingTarget._y, RingTarget._x);
myDegrees = Math.round((myRadians*180/Math.PI));
this._rotation = myDegrees+90;

Now as for the speed, since I don’t understand how you’ve gotten what you’ve gotten with that math you put on there… I’m just going to do this:

if (dolphin._x == RingTarget._x && dolphin._y == RingTarget._y)
dolphin.speed = 6

if (dolphin._x == SideTarget._x && dolphin._y == SideTarget._y)
dolphin.speed = 3;

and so on and so forth… Is that any help?:sc:

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