Taketoon.com - online web comic / toon creator - please critique!

Hey guys,

So I’ve been working on this site for about the past year now and it’s getting to the point where its almost done. I fear that this project will never end up fully finished because there is always something that bugs me about it.

Anyway, the goal is to allow users to create webcomics and cartoon characters (posable using IK). Every comic is saved and can be reloaded to edit, embedded in blogs (still working on this part), etc etc.

I would like you guys to hit me with some hard core criticism. I have trouble looking at this from a users perspective, and figure if the tech-saavy people here have trouble using it…its way to awkward to be effective.

The tutorial/wiki is still being worked on so you’re kind of flying solo. Thanks for taking the time to look at this…I have worked on it for COUNTLESS hours, hope its at least semi-useful to someone!


And thanks senocular…this project is using the AS3 transform tool!