Taking Photograph through binoculars

Tried today to take a picture through a binocular with my mobile phone.

There seems to be some mismatch in optics. The edges blur out probably because the binocular lenses are optimized to project onto a curved retina, while the cellular phone has a flat sensor?

Also, there is some heavy “blue” fringing. Is that out of focus artifacts or the mobile photo sensor?

First of all… Really nice idea man! looks nice click at first sight. and the blue fringing in because of binocular’s lens. don’t worry about that.

The binocular is a 16x50, so I wonder if there is a sweatspot with a light diameter of (50/16 =) 3,125mm, slightly just outside the lens?

If I try with a piece of paper, I get a sharp circle of light probably 5mm outside of supporting rubber-rings. I probably get better images if I manage to place the mobile camera sensor at that position…?

what to say man!!! again a nice idea… just do it man and post the click. I want to see that.

I really did try to find an optimal distance. But I have to conclude, the human eye is an amazing thing,
I wish I had five arms or hands, I cannot compete with the human eye and the adoption to a regular binocular optics without the arms of an octopuses…

If I pick up a binocular I can surely see sharp images with the human eye, while doing the same with a mobile device… and taking photos… I can see blurred images. I’m sorry it is impossible to take sharp images…

The threshold seems to far exceed my human capability to position a mobile camera a few millimeters away from a binocular lense. Maybe Im just weak?

why dont you try it? You are my lucky lucky star :slight_smile:

Nice zoom!

And nice content, hmm… zoomed, lake, water…boats.

zoomed boats.

Great idea, man i really should bust that telescope out and see if i can get anything w my phone camera.

Try again with some :sen:oculars. :wink:

I gave it a shot. Used my little binks I keep in my car. Don’t know where my nice ones are. My dad is probably hoarding them. Phone is a Nexus 6P.

I’m so boat excited right now that i just invented that phrase