Talking characters with Flash


This I’m sure is an extremely difficult project to be done in Flash. However I’m wondering how many of you experets are able to code something like this in actionscript and make this work. I was looking at this amazing site , and was wodering how I can create something like this without actually paying these guys. Basically I was wondering how do you make these characters move their mouths to whatever is said in the waves. I know how they move their eyes, which basically deals with wherever you place your mouse position, but the things they say, how would you program that? Any help with this issue will be greatly appreciated…

Please leave your comments below and any help with this. Thank You!!!

:cyclops: amfi

I can’t remember where exactly, but I saw a program that could do that. It was most likely used on this site. It is the same program they use (possibly) on flashkit for the flashtraks.

It can determind sound levels to make your animation do things. In this case make it look like it is really talking. I saw in one of their examples theyhad someone talking.

Hi lostinbeta…so this is some othe program that does this?

It is some other program that works with flash to do that.

lostinbeta…thanks a lot,I think its crazy talk …cheers!!!