Talkning functions on differnent levels FMX

Hi All,
Well, I THOUGHT that I had a grasp on this, but I ran into a wall.
I am using the Drawing Board AS from this website. I have it (the AS) on level 2.

//Drawing Tool Actions
_root.onMouseDown = function() {
line.moveTo(_xmouse, _ymouse);
line.lineStyle(2, 0x000000, 50);
this.onMouseMove = function() {
line.lineTo(_xmouse, _ymouse);
_root.onMouseUp = function() {
this.onMouseMove = null;

Everything works great.
I have the cleanup Button (that works) on level 3:

on (release, releaseOutside, dragOut) {

However, I have dragable menus on several other layers. I can’t figure out for the life of me how to tell the button (that I use to drag the menus) to talk to the function on level2 to tell it that onMouseDown = Null; - or something like that.

here is a link so you can see…


Sorry for the long message. Thank you for your time and help!