Targeted Movie Clips Don’t Work Once Loaded Into a Container Movie

Here’s my problem…

I have several external SWF (child) movies that are to be loaded upon demand into another SWF container (parent) movie file. Pretty straight forward.

Each of the child movies has MCs communicating with other MCs within the same child movie.

For instance the timeline of one MC will have a frame action, which targets another MC instance to play(). Again, Pretty straightforward stuff.

These files work beautifully when viewed independently. The problem is when they are loaded into the parent container movie the target MC functionality no longer works.

I believe it’s because once the child movie is loaded into the parent movie the absolute path of the targeted MC has changed and what was once the “_root” in the child movie is no longer the actual root?

I have tried both methods in the child movie:

//method without using ‘with’;

And using the “with” action like so:

//method using ‘with’
with (_root.ContentWindow) {

It would seem that in theory once the Child SWF file is loaded into the Parent SWF file the targeted path would have to have another level in it – cuz now the MC “ContentWindow” is no longer one level down from the “_root” but two levels?

For example:

Can anybody please help me with this? I’m afraid I have a ton of work that’s relying on this functionality and my deadline is dangerously drawing near!

I don’t know anything about this “with” thingy but it shuld work when you combine both of the mc hierarchies.
like this:
Child is loaded into like this:…) or loadMovie
or like this:

and in "Child"you have an action


for example…
then you have to do this: + bumper =
so the action "_root.bumper.gotoAndPlay(986); should look like this:;

it works for me… :slight_smile:

thanx for the help!

actually, i posted the same question on another board as well and got a pretty easy fix.

instead of using:;

i would use:;

It works sweet.

But thanx for your time and I’ll keep your suggestion for sure, I may end up needing it down the road.