Targeting a particular fram in a loaded swf

Hi everyone!
I have this that I am currently working on.

I’m having problems with a particular script. If you follow the link above, and click on the what we do page, it will bring you to the main page. Click on the link in the lower right corner “Learn More”. This link will bring you to an elements table.

Clicking on anyone of these links should bring you to a details pages representing whatever element you clicked on initially.

The problem that i am having is that when any of the element are clicked, it automatically brings you to the “Alturism” frame and if you refresh your browser and try it again, they seem to work perfectly.

Here is the code that is applied to the buttons of my elements.swf file

leadership_mc.onRelease = function() {
	var r = _root;
	r.clip = "leadership";

On the details page I have 20 frames with, each frame containg the different details representing each element.

This is the code on frame 1 of the details.swf file


Can anyone explain why this is happening?

Thank you all.