Targeting Frames with Flash

Ok, I have a website with frames, and the target thing isn’t working. I have the frame named and everything. What am I missing?

getURL (“”, “rightarea”)

oh yeah, its HTML frames


Do you have a frameset.html page set up using the frameset tag?


Upon reflection this seemed really *****y. Yes i have a frameset page set up. The HTML isn’t the problem. I am fairly proficient with HTML that is set up fine. There is something with the Flash that I am missing…

I just ran a quick test offline here, replacing my JS based menu frame with Flash and it worked fine.

To debug, you might try removing the Flash page from the frame and replace it temporarily with a simple html link or two to verify correct frames operation.


ok heres the deal. I have two frames. One is the links and it is named “LINKS”. I will never target this frame but I usually name all my frames just incase. The other frame (the one on the right) is named “RIGHTAREA” The whole site is HTML. The only flash is the buttons in the Link area. These buttons need to call up another HTML page into RIGHTAREA and I have that code up there ^^^^^ in my first post in my buttons. When I use a hyperlink, or an image link they target the frame fine. There is NOTHING wrong with my HTML. For some reason the target isn’t working with FLASH.

What happens in your RightArea frame when you activate the Flash button from Links?

Do you get a 404 error, do the current contents of that frame remain there, or what?


it loads into a blank page. Forgot to mention that. And then when I try to load into a blank page it loads into that frame. its irkin’ me

What do you mean by “blank page”? Is it an empty frame in your current browser window, or is it that a new browser window is opening with nothing in it? and then when you try to open, or target to, a new browser window, your output goes into your “rightarea” frame?

Not exactly sure what’s happening here as you describe it.

The Flash part is straightforward. Worked for me the first time I tried it, and your Flash code in your first post looks correct, assuming you have your links and names typo-free. Oh, and you need that SWF file in the proper directory too, as you know, and the file names must agree, obviously.

On a few occasions, I’ve noticed that Flash doesn’t seem to function properly with simple things, which I take as a clear signal to save and reboot.


It loads the correct content, into a New browser window (blank page:) ) when I target RIGHTAREA

and when I target _blank it loads on its self in the LEFTAREA frame. I will run through it again.