Targeting MC nested inside external swf

Hi, guys… I’m a new member here.
So, “Hello everybody…”
Anyway, I need a lil’ help Pleasee…
I’m trying to target a MC nested inside external swf.

Here is my case:

I have this button inside this movie (Movie1.swf)
and i want it to target a MC nested inside an external swf (Movie2.swf).
This is what i did. I load the Movie2.swf into an empty MC of the Movie1.swf with the ‘loadMovie’ (to ‘target’ not ‘level’).
I gave an instance name of “holderMC” for the empty MC (holderMC is inside Movie1.swf)
and an instance name of ‘myClip’ for the MC inside the Movie2.swf.
Anyway, i’m trying to get this “myClip” MC to ‘gotoAndPlay’ certain frames of it when the button inside the master movie (Movie1.swf) is clicked.
I know that i have to target them using their Instance names,
and i have tried so many ways but i just can’t get to it.
The most i can get to is the _root of the external swf (Movie2.swf),
but i can not get to the clip inside it.
Anyone have any ideas HOW TO?
Please… I’m lost here.
Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

Thank U