Targeting mess


I have a looped sound and some components in my main movie (scroll bar) which for some reason is really bogging down my swf and causing the preloader bar not to show up until like 46% or something ridiculous.

So I am trying to solve the problem by having a preloader swf as suggested by Kode in this thread. However, now all my targeting is messed up in my main movie. Everything that was _root has to change but I can’t tell what to load it into. I tried using _parent, _parent._parent, _root.container_mc (which is a blank movie clip created in the preloader swf that main is loaded into after the preloader is 100%) and others but nothing works. Even the simple looped sound which was originally just _root.backsound.start(0,999) can’t be targeted.

Can anyone tell me how to target things on my main stage based on the preloader swf?