Targeting Text Fields for XML Screen-Based Presentations

Thanks to this site’s tutorials I FINALLY understand how to call XML into a Flash presentation.

Now for part two:

I have a working function that I placed on a screen (slide). Both text areas and code are located on the same screen.

function loadXML(loaded) {
     if (loaded) {
          inventor = this.firstChild.childNodes[1].childNodes[0].firstChild.nodeValue;
          comments = this.firstChild.childNodes[1].childNodes[1].firstChild.nodeValue;
          name_txt.text = inventor;
          comment_txt.text = comments;
     } else {
          content = "file not loaded!";

If I move the text areas to a child screen, of course it breaks. How does one target screens with XML?

For example, I have name_txt and comment_txt on the “presentation” screen. As the presentation moves to screen “john,” can I place a script on the “john” screen to change the values of my text fields on the “presentation” screen? Or do I have to create new text fields per screen?

Thanks so much in advance.