Targetting html in flash

Ok what i have done is i setup an iframe in the html and target the button the ifram name… that works fine

Now i want to be able to auto resize the iframe height accoding to either what the page is loading the height or a specific height which i have foudn out…

is this possible?

and also are there other ways to target html pages to appear with flash?

I don’t believe you can dynamically resize an iframe in HTML. I could be wrong, but I really don’t think so.

yah i also dun think so…
but is the iframe the only for flash to load html pages together?

No, you can regular frames, or just use tables to align everything the way you want it, but thats about it.

if it is a table…
then how do i change the main page with each flash button?
what will be itside the table?

Well you would have to have the Flash movie on each page, but you can use just a getURL and target _self

that is too troublesome and time consuming to keep loading the same movie…
why cant flash make something like a html box???

Because Flash and HTML are two different entities entirely.

Perhaps it will be a future thing for Flash, but until then you will have to use frames or iframes if you don’t want to put the movie on every page.