Targetting in AS3


I think this is a common question for AS3, but I have to ask again, cuz I haven’t found a clear answer yet.

It’s about targeting movie clips… In AS2, you just target a movie clip like so :

trace (FirstMc.ChildMc1.ChildMc2.ChildMc3._x) // Will send out the x position of ChildMc3

But is AS3, i see that there’s a function called getChildByName(‘put child name here’). But what if it’s such a long way to go to that child??? Does it have to be:

FirstMc.getChildByName(“ChildMc1”). getChildByName(“ChildMc2”). getChildByName(“ChildMc3”).x

That just seems to tedious and I’m sure Adobe thought of a clean way of targetting??(i hope)

Someone please shed some light? I’m sure many can learn from this…