Im lookin for a new tattoo, is there anyone out there with good drawing techniques that could design 1 for me??

Probably want it on the top of my arm and I want a discinctive ‘T’ to be in it somewhere.

ne1 interested??

wellllll…I dont know about other people, but i’d rather have a tattoo that looks like absolute crap that i designed myself, than have another person make one for me.


i know i would prefer summit smart than sum sh1t id design! Im my own worst critique!

I dont know, to me, it makes it a little more personal, and a little less “look at me, i have a tattoo!” I’ll find a picture of the one i designed if you’d like. It’s nothing spectacular looking, but it’s got meaning behind it, and it’s something i created, and i couldnt be happier with it.

i would rather get something someone designed for me if i couldnt do it myself

what part of your body did you design? none of it…someone else desided for you, its not that hard to see how a totoo could be designed for you.

ok, that’s a bad comparison. You didnt have a choice over your body, nor did you over being born in the first place. And no, plastic surgery and suicide dont count.

and just for clarification, I wasnt saying not to have somebody else design it, i was just stating that i think it’s cooler when people design their own. Always cooler to see a piece of crap designed by yourself than by another person, same goes with an awesome piece, of course.

ummmmm sure ok, i woudlnt want any peice of crap artwork on my arm for life but if thats important to u be my guest, how bout u put the tatoo on yourself too it would mean a whole lot more hugh,

but anyways im pretty sure someone can help you, if i designed a tat for you if wouldnt be all that great and id want an endorsemnt for my company in the tatoo to!! that would be funny, but intersting…

anyways good luck

I have drawn a couple of tribal tats, and other things. But if I do it it wont be free, but if you want a better response give us a better idea. Or maybe some images of tats you have seen. Do a google search for tatoo sites…

a lot of times, the tattoo artist will work with you and design a piece for you. It wont be free, but you can bet he’ll do a good job, i mean he wouldnt want you to be advertising his bad work.

how bout a devilish image that would be great…

i have a idea for a tattoo, but its at my comp at home…and im currently at work.
In about 5 hours time ill post up my idea… and c what u guys think.

Good advice, definitely work with the tatoo artist even when you design your own artwork. Not the best idea to just draw something up and say you want it slapped on. Make sure your working with a good tatoo artist. He should be able to tell you how the artwork will age by the amount of detail in it, and where it is placed on your body. So he may have to make some modifications to the design on his part. You don’t want to end up with a big blotch of ink in 20 yrs.

soz fer the delay.

I like the idea of this… I have inserted a T where the mouth should be.
Not to keen on the tiger tho…what else could i use?
not a skull tho.

I would have gone with kermit the crap :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

that should be a fairly simple concept. Although I understand you dont want the same. If you dont mind paying for the artwork I can draw you up somthing tight. But if you stick around long enough someone will eventually do it for free.