Tax Software

Can anyone recommend some tax software? I know the big ones like TaxAct and TurboTax, but which one is better? It’ll be the first time to do taxes for me so I need an ultran00b how-to.

How about:

i bought turbotax yesterday and started using it. it’s really easy to use and walks you through step by step. cost me $40 for the deluxe version which included a free state download.

I haven’t heard anything good about QuickBooks, or whatever it’s called… parents said it was too hard and complicated. :stuck_out_tongue:

my parents use Turbo tax and they sux at computers. Easiest thing ever to do.

lol possibly because it’s designed for business and companies who need to produce Profit and Loss Accounts and such. It’s not a toy folks! Umm, I don’t know anything about personal tax programs, sorry!

i used turbotax to take care of my w2’s and my 1099’s. works like a charm. just be sure to read every little tidbit they provide as it will ensure you dont over pay or reduce your deduction.

How do I know what forms I’ll need?

i heard the h&r block one is great! dunno which one it is

I believe there are personal versions.

Ok, so I got TurboTax, the only form they have is the 1040 and W2(Employer). Does that mean I just need to fill out the 1040 and I’m done?

did you get any other forms besides W2’s? if so all you have to do is the 1040. plus your state and local taxes as well.