Team Ryouko

whoa :!:

must … learn …

The bloopers are the best part.

That is some impressive acrobatics. I would love to have a facility I could go to like that and jsut jump around

pretty sweet stuff :cool:

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wow, that was awesome…

Holy crud…
I think I just wet my pants…
I’m like a really obsessed crazy DDR player, and my god, if I could move like that, I don’t know what I would do with myself…

Very Very nice find my man, I loved it!


Who, that was awesome !

I’ve seen those movies ages ago there are a lot of them :slight_smile:

Those guys are amazing.
I once was planning on training the wallflip and the backward salto but I never really dared to :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a guy in my class though who can do them both! :smiley:
He trained the moves in the gym of our school in the evenings.

Greetz, ScHAmPi.

P.S.: What kind of rubbish did I write here :stuck_out_tongue:

some more for your delectation:


…and what makes these people different from olympic gymnasts other than the lack of spandex?

I could do some of the stuff… I’ve been break dancing for 2 years now,… instence stuff… Way to advanced… :stuck_out_tongue:

Aside from the fact they do it for fun and not to receive a gold medal, tons of acolades or potential endorsement deals?

** They just seem like a cooler bunch of people **


I think these guy would be even cooler if they wore spandex. Might make them more intimidating too… works for wrestlers…

Hahaha… Soooo true!

that was sweet :wink: Those ppl are crazy :crazy: They watch too many Jackie Chan movies :stuck_out_tongue:

or is it we don’t watch enough… yeah I know… its deep

Very very cool.

Amazing what the human body is capable of!