i seriously hate these people. the called my hose 5 times this week. we told them to get us off the list, and the said they never called us. my mom said TAKE US OFF THE LIST NOW. and hung up. i am sick of these people. one time i said " nope im busy now but when im not i can call you when your busy" haha:chinaman: :crazy:

5 times a week! What an outrage!

That was sarcasm. Around here (and in most major cities I believe) your lucky to get less than 5 a day.

my mom was talking about a web site that you can go to enable it to block them from calling your house. im not sure how it works though.:sure: if i find it out i will post it.

They actually sorta outlawed it here in Philly. Where you call this number the city provides and they put you on an official list of people for telemarketers not to call… it doesn’t work. They will get you no matter what!

not if you dont have a telephone.:cool: :crazy: :geek:

Believe me, I wish. I hate phones. When I get my own place, I will not own a telephone.

they havent called my cell phone yet. and if they do i will start acting like im spanish.:stuck_out_tongue:

There’s really a simple solution to this problem. It would really work if we all pitched in. It’s not hard at all, and will probably give you a good satisfying feeling inside. It is called the “Hold on please” method.

I read this somewhere, but I can’t remember where… so instead I’m going to regurgitate the information.

When a telemarketer calls you, and it’s usually when you’re in the middle of something… like dinner, tell him/her “I am interested in what you have to say. Can you hold on please.” Gently put the phone down and go back to whatever it is you were doing. Take your dear, sweet time… even if it will take hours. When your phone finally makes that beeping tone, you’ll know the telemarketer has finally gave up and it’s safe to hang up the phone.

This is effective because they’re no longer bothering you and they’re not bothering anyone else either (because they’re waiting for you to get back on the phone). If a sizable amount of the population did this, the amount of profits these guys make will raplidly dwindle, and thus no reason to continue marketing this way.

Tell all your friends.

i do that plenty of times and i heared on of them swear. i love doing that:P C:-) :trout:

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**i do that plenty of times and i heared on of them swear. i love doing that:P C:-) :trout: **

You probably shouldn’t do this on your cellphone though. That’s a waste of minutes :slight_smile:

I’ve had a couple telemarketers call my cellphone and I would simply reprimand them for wasting my minutes: “You called my cellphone. This call is costing me a boatload of money. Do you intend to reimburse me for that?” They hang up right away.

haha then when they send you the money to repay you, the will send a bunch of ads and put you on a million mailing lists:beam:

My sister just picks up and hangs up without saying anything…lol.

Click… click… done and over with… quite effective :stuck_out_tongue:


it would be funny to yell in their ears. haha it would be hilarous:beam: =)

They started calling my cellphone recently. Really annoyed the crap outta me. When they call my house I either hang up, tell them that the person they are looking for has died, or I just put the phone down and walk away until it beeps.

If I don’t recognize the number, or know that someone is going to call, I let the machine pick up…

So far I have not missed a call I wanted to pick up…


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**My sister just picks up and hangs up without saying anything…lol.

Click… click… done and over with… quite effective :stuck_out_tongue: **

Yes, but they’ll call someone else… it could be someone who doesn’t know any better and doesn’t just hang up. That is why you should instead do the Hold On Please method. It’s good for everyone :slight_smile:

LOL, well yeah, but my sister is on the phone A LOT (unbelievable amount), so why keep the phone busy?


I cant believe they actually call cell phone numbers, man they must be hard up.