Tell target (really i don't know)

okay, for days now i’ve been working on this. I want to have four buttons and each button has a picture that appears when it is hit. But what I was is when you hit button one I want the pic to appear, but if you hit button one again I want the pic to disappear. what happens now is when I hit button one again the second pic appears. WHAT DO I DO??? Do I use the tell target feature and if so, how in the horse do I do that…I looked at the tutorial on but it left out essential information! this shouldn’t be that complicated. PLEASE HELP!!

Im a newbie and full of B.S. so don’t listento me

But anywayz ur going to have to anyhow b/c im tha most annoying person on this board :wink:

Anywho create a movie have it play where tha pic fades in NOW I do NOT know if this iz possible…just me thinking off tha top of my head. Perhaps when you click on tha button, you could hide that button…and bring another in it’s exact same place. This button on click, could set tha first movie to dissapear, and load another movie in it’s place. This movie would have the pic already showing, and just have it fade out. Then tha buttons would swap once again, back to the original one.

I deno…just my thought of it.

i had that same problem… i had a 3d menu… and when u click ANY button i wanted it to open up a little 3d window through which u would view all the info for the site… THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DO… trust me… you can not tell a button to do 8 million things… just another screw up in flash me guesses… if anyone knows, by all means… ya didnt tell me weeks ago… but i wouldnt mind knowing now. =]

all u can do is cheat and make it like teh music button… one press turns it on… one turns it off… unless there is some way to make it play a frame… second one plays another frame… third press plays another frame… but then its not repeatable… you would have to have 8 million frames if someone felt like hitting button one all day long… =]

send me the .fla I will fix it:

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I think something like this would work.

if (trip==0){
if (trip==1){

myMovieClip should be replaced by the “instance” name of a movie clip created with one of the pictures. It should have two frames and two layers. The first frame of layer one should have a stop(); action, and the second frame of the second layer should contain the picture.

couldn’t resist, yet another method:

your pic’s a movie clip, right? name it “pic” and put this in it:

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp if((_alpha>0 and diff<0) or (_alpha<100 and diff>0)){
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp _alpha+=diff;
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp }

now put this in the button:

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp pic.diff*=-1;

lol… you’re insane…

I’ll have to try that out at home… I’m still not sure how that functions.

I can barely follow Upuaut!, I need to start working on script, BAD!

i see your code, and i put it in and still can’t get this thing going…would you mind doing me a huge favor. could you just make a simple one button, one pic .fla that shows it coming up and disappearing…then i could look at that and duplicate it. i don’t know what i’m missing out on. or i can send my SIMPLE .fla that i’m using to try and figure this stuff out with.

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