Tell Target

I’m using Tell Target to pull up an .swf file that’s not in the current .fla that i’m working on…and i get it to come on fine and appear where i want and everything, but the .swf is playing REAL slow…any ideas to speed it up?? I’ve messed with the movie fps and that hasn’t helped any. Many thanks -

Ok, well you might want to put this code in:

on (release) {
_ _ _ _ loadMovieNum (“yourfilehere.swf”, 1);

try that…and make sure both of your .swf files are on your site(or computer) and you can change the “on (release) {” code to anything that fits your need(this code usually works best on buttons/links)…its kinda hard to explain here…without showing you or going way in depth…but if this doesnt help ill give you a better discription…need anymore help…just post on the forums…we are always glad to help :slight_smile:

Speed though, is probebly a result of too much animation on the screen at one time.

do you have a link where we can check out what you’ve got done so far?

yeah upuaut…im thinking the same thing…it might go a bit more faster if he just has two(or more) .swf’s then make it link on one base movie…like upuaut said do you have a link?

I’ve really been meaning to post a list of the top ten processor hogs with regard to graphics and speed.

I don’t have that book right now, but I remember that alpha levels were the greatest hog of speed. After that I believe that odd shapes with lots of corners and such. What surprised me was that imported graphics were not a great hog at all. We all know that they add to the total K of a movie, but when it comes to moving them around the screen, possibly with multiple instances of themselves… it doesn’t really slow down the fps all that much.

Alpha though… that was a real drag (pun intended)

wow…very interesting

here’s my site…just the opening page i’m working on…

but i’ve made changes from what you’re seeing…but just a few…anyway…it prob is too much animation, because i have one movie clip in the .fla file, and it references 3 more .swf’s. I think…