Telling Time, Making Noise [FMX]

Hi all,

I was thinking the other week - wouldn’t it be great to have a flash clock that not only tells a classy analogue time but also, like a church clock, gives out bell noises when the hour is reached, an also chimes the number of hours the time corresponds too.

So at 1pm/am it will chime once, and at midnight you get 12 chimes and so on, I’m sure you get my meaning. I’m not great when it comes to working with sound, infact I’ve never added much more than a custom click noise on a button. Anyone have an ideas how to go about this? I’ve attached a nice church bell noise for y’all just incase.



You’re not going to believe this prophet but if you set your system clock to, say, 14:55:58 then your clock will recognise it is 15:00 hours and chime 15 times! Yaaa!!