tellTarget wont work!

Yo Kirupa’s Users and Admins :smiley:

I got a bit of a problem here … Im new in flash but im trying :smiley:

Well the problem is that i have this button ! In my button i got a movieclip(instances name: mcselect) on the over(layer) ! I that movieclip i got some motiontweens who my button should react with the mouse is over(rollover) and out(rollout) !

Well back to scene on ! On scene one i got a actionscript on my button


[font=Arial][color=red]on (rollOver) {
tellTarget("/mcselect") {
on (rollOut) {
tellTarget("/mcselect") {

[color=black]And then when i run my movie in flash i get this error:[/color]

[font=Arial]Target not found: Target="/mcselect" Base="_level0"
Target not found: Target="/mcselect" Base="_level0"[/font]

[font=Arial]Whats wrong !? :’([/font]

[font=Arial]You can see the button on this link:[/font]