Temporarily disable buttons?

Hello KirupaFourm!
I´ve got a question for you!

I have a few buttons in my movie that I whant to temporarily disable.

This is how I whant it to work:

  1. When you click the buttun i should perform what I tell it to do, but after that I dont want to be able to click the same button again.

  2. When clickg another button, I whant the other buttons to be enabled, is this possible???

Thanks for helping me out!!

This is done very easily!
There might be some other ways but…
For the first button (that will enable the others and disable itself)

on(release/press/whatever) {
if(_root.firstbtn) {
<what it is supposed to do>
_root.firstbtn = false;

and put an action _root.firstbtn = true; into some frame in your movie …or somewhere

And you can disable/enable the other ones as well the same way you disabled this one (note that to enable _root.<variable> = true; you have to change “false” to “true”)

I think you’ve got it now… =)