Temporary site

This is a temporary site untill I complete my new one.
www.jmkm.net (temp)
www.jmkm.com (under construction)

Feel free to critique both…
The temp site will prolly be up a while

------ :bad: ------

missing font!

btw, I know this is a tiny point, but your loading bar and your “loading…” text aren’t centred. I can only assume that all the pages (e.g. photo gallery, artwork etc) will fit into some new template that you’re creating?

Missing font??? I don’t get it… :sigh:

Yea, I am not really worried about the centering on the “temp” site, but good catch…

Yes, everything will eventually be inside an interactive interface.

I just wanted to make sure the “temp” site www.jmkm.net
wasnt TOO bad, and the “new” site www.jmkm.com is worth working on :beam:
Thanks guys and gals


yea cowboy, the content will all be inside the interface design on www.jmkm.com