Temporary storage location? pls help, urgent!

I have a computer in my exhibition stall in a remote location, and its connected to the internet via a wireless card, and it has data being pulled from customers and entered into a private website backend that we have, and this is being put into a mysql database.

what do i do to ensure there is no lag or issues if the internet goes off.
like, is it possible for php to store the data in a temporary location till the connection is back on? and then push the data?

awaiting your reply,

i think it should be possible but complicated.

you would have to put the data of the customers in a javascript array on submit while keeping the page.

create a poll service with javascript and ajax that sends items in the array and checks if everything was received ok or else resends it.

maybe you should indicate when the array is empty?

Yes, that would be possible. Though you might want to use a more rigid system such as storing the information in some type of file or database on the exhibition stall’s computer. That way, if the browser of that computer does crash, the data will still be there.


i was thinking the same, i decided to use a flash front end, and a php backend.
i was thinking sharedobjects to store temporarily, would that work?

^ Yes, that would work very well.