Test movie size in flash mx 2004

so the new document window tabs are great. a must for any project with multiple .as files to navigate. but when i test a movie with tabs enabled, it always comes up as a full screen window (within the flash environment) instead of in a window just large enough to contain the stage dimensions.

i don’t want to see extra space around my movie when i test it, but i do want to use document tabs. is there a prefernces setting that i’ve overlooked?


I dont think thats possible. You can always just use publish preview which will compile the movie and then directly open it within a browser window at which point it will be actual sized.

yeeeeah…i guess i could do that. thanks sen

you have to have the flash file not maximized… like, the restore button in between close and minize… that will preview the swf at normal size.


thats the problem, you dont get tabs when windows arent maximized. depth wants tabs and a normally sized swf. :-/

wait… tabs as in what then? ooooh… the tabs on the top…

you can just resize the swf when you ctrl+enter it…


are you crazy??? You know how many more clicks that will take!! At least… like 1!!!



haha, that sucks!