Testing footer and a question on preloading mc's into main movies

Could anyone tell me if there is an easy way to preload mc’s into a movie…But off screen!
I am making a site that requires a lot of extra mc’s loaded over the main movie and would like to be able to preload them out of view.
The idea being that the viewer uses ‘selection’ buttons and the relevant mc loads in place. Preloading them out of view would be ideal (if possible) to keep the continuity of the site going.
All ideas and suggestions recieved with thanks.
Ray. M660 Design

just make the first frame blank and put a stop action in that frame.
or, you can load the movie and make it’s _x and _y position FAR out of view. like if your main movie is 550x400 you could put your loaded movies at 1100 and 800.

Hi Jeremy and thanks for coming back so quick.
A couple of questions I am unsure about though…
If I put an action at the start of the main movie loading …say 3-4 mc’s and in each of these I create a blank first keyframe how do I then instruct the individual mc’s to play from frame 2 at the right time from buttons in the original movie ?


The above link will show you what I am on about for the initial movie. there is no preloader on it yet but it is only 100k.

Please have a quick look if you have the time and any answers on this would be a great help.

I will put thank you link and credit on the site (if you don’t mind) if you can help me to solve this ‘problemo!!!’
Cheers again.

Sorry Jeremy.
The URL is:
cheers again.

I will get this right one day!!!