Testing in Edge/IE while on a Mac!


If you primarily develop on a Mac, testing on Windows-only browsers like IE and Edge can be a hassle. To make this easier, the popular BrowserStack service provides free cloud-based Windows VMs that you can use from inside your browser: https://www.browserstack.com/test-on-microsoft-edge-browser#live-cloud

You can easily connect to a Windows machine, launch the browser, visit your app/page, bring up the dev tools, and start fiddling:

If you’ve been holding off on testing in IE/Edge or hoping that things would just work, then this is a very lightweight service that you should totally use to confirm that things truly do work as expected.

Kirupa :stuck_out_tongue:


Browserstack seems like a nice and useful tool. I’m finding myself needing a Mac machine again for coding some basic apps for a few local firms, but I can also foresee myself doing my other work when I’m on the go. My current MacBook Pro is ready to be retired, and bootcamp just seems to have issues these days. I’m running parallels on an iMac and it too is leaving much to be desired in terms of performance…

Will bookmark their site for future use, though.