Testing out some CSS, Javascript and PHP Combos

Eh… Just going through some old things… And I wondered just how far I could take my scripting… So… I’ll be doing a whole bunch of combination scripts…

Combining : CSS, DHTML, JavaScripting, VBScript and PHP together to make a whole pethora of scripting things… :slight_smile:

I’ll just keep posting the things here… If you wanna see the code… Just ask… And I’ll start sending you the link for the actual files…

November 25, 2003 - Early Morning

::Move CD:: - Click the CD… let go and just move your mouse around… YaY… Click again to drop the CD where you want.

::Spin CD:: - Click the CD… Let go go and move your mouse around and watch it spin. Click again to drop the CD where you want.

November 25, 2003 - Late Evening

::Directory Browsing:: - Click any of the objects form that directory and move them around… Click again to drop them. Have some fun with this :wink: