Text and shade


I’ve been surfing the net and suddenly I saw the site

I saw the buttons and then my question came! How do I let the text like that buttontext there have a shade?

Hey Didiusthegreat,
What they did was, they copied the text and pasted the text in a layer below the original text. They then moved the pasted text a few pixels to the right and up. Finally, they changed the color of the pasted text to a shadowy, gray color. See the attached FLA for an example =)

Kirupa :rambo:

Now, that was a rather stupid question, but that’s why Kirupa’s here, to answer all the stupid questions :slight_smile: (just joking)

P.S. Dieter, will you please bring my chess-game back friday, I was thinking: “he never reads his mail, so why not tell him on kirupa!” Oh yeah, I’m out of ideas for new flash-effects, if you have any…