Text Area

Hi all,
I’ve had a search and can’t find this in the forum but I apologise in advance if I’ve missed it and I’m repeating.

Anyhoo…i’m making a basic forum in html (with php).

I’ve got a form to post a new thread with a textbox for the thread title and a text area for the first message in the post. So when you press enter it writes the info to a database and takes you back to the forum…as with any forum. You can type away to your hearts content but the textarea doesn’t support carriage returns, which is daft and looks crapola.

All the stuff I found on the web is functions when you press a button it changes it. I don’t want 2 buttons though! Is there any way that you can do this when it goes through the entered text, looking for carriage returns and changing them to <br /> , and outputting them as a variable i can then stick in the database?