Text field of dreams


I’m new and I am trying to make a flash time calculator that takes input text(numbers only) from multiple input fields and updates a total box as the user changes the values. Kind of like an ecxel spreasheet would.

My problem is that I cannot get the total box to display the output.

Does anyone have a solution?

Thanks in advance!


I believe your problem is that anything coming from an Input box, Flash is going to think it is a string and in programming you can’t add strings up. So, you need to declare the var as an Int.

Hi DP!

Like I said I’m kinda new at this…Do you know where I can look at an example?


then… as far as I can see you only need!
total = Int(something1)+Int(something2)

just add the strings to be added up in Int();

Thanks! But is there a way to show the total in real time as the fields are added to. So it updates as changes are made. I was trying to nest it into a movie clip with an enterFrame. Am I on the right track?

Thanks again!


Yes, use an onChanged handler. :wink:


Gracias, kind people!

I have been struggling with this for longer than I’d like to admit.

It works great!