Text fields. Laying them out, so that tab cycles properly

Ok… I have a form, with input text fields, and static text labels between each…\r\rlike this\r\r(static) name\r(input) name\r(static) email\r(input) email\r(static) site\r(input) site\r(static) comment\r(input) comment\r\rthen a submit button. on the right hand side of all of these fields.\r\rIt seems that when I press tab, instead of cycling from one input text field to the next, and then ending with the highlight on the submit button, it keeps tabing up to the “Address” line of my browser.\r\rI’d rather it tabed through each of the text fields.\r\rHas anyone else ever encountered this, and did they come up with a solution?

I don’t know… looking at a few of the all flash sites I notice a couple of things that just plain bug the hell out of me.\r\rMy mouse rolling wheel does not work… this is really obvious… but you know I just never really noticed it as an issue. As flash sites become more and more the rage, it seems text manipulation becomes more of a problem.\r\rI wonder if there is a javascript way of understanding third buttons on the mouse, “wheelup”, and “wheeldown”. If so, there should also be a way of communicating that to Flash.\r\rTabing through the fields may be something as simple as how I layed out the fields… in what order. I’m going to experiment around a little and see if I can figure it out… it has to be easy. :slight_smile:

Ah-hah, so you noticed :)\rThis is what my comment was about for the guestbook. Don’t understand how it goes all the way up into the title bar…? Weird.\rAs for the wheelmouse, you’re so right! I think a have seens’thing about this s’where, but where…? $hit! Too many links in my fav’s!

check out TextField.tabIndex in the dictionary, i haven’t looked into it, but i’m sure it will do what you need.\r\ras for the wheel mouse, you could use a key code to get at it, 3 i think, but it was just clicks, no scrolls. mind you, that was v5 info, maybe mx has more flexibility that way.

4 = middle button / wheel.

Hey…thanks supra… the guestbook couldn’t have worked without your input.\r\rI got another question for you… would you look at the guestbook? If so, I need two things. A) I need to know how to make it smaller if I can, and B) I need a way of stoping it so that it wont turn the pages if it is at the first or last page. That last one is really baffling. \r\rIf you will, just let me know and I’ll mail you the FLA