Text file from server


I have an issue with a script I created that loads text strings from a file on my server.
The swf file loads a message from a .txt file, displays it in an animation when the animation finishes it loops back to the start and loads the next message and displays it in the animation.

All works fine. However the script reads the text file from the server on every loop ( 3 seconds ) This will be hard on my server so… Is there a way to read the text file once only and then loop through the eight statements?

Thanks. Z

Actionscript 2. Flash CS3. Flash Player 10.
quotes.txt - text file containing eight quotes
quote_txt - Dynamic field within animation

ranQuote = new LoadVars();
ranQuote.onLoad = function(success) {
    if (success) {
        RanNum = RanNum+1;
        if (RanNum>=9) {
            RanNum = 1;
            ran = this["quote"+(RanNum)];
            quote_txt.text = ran;
        } else {
            ran = this["quote"+RanNum];
            quote_txt.text = ran;
    } else {
        quote_txt.text = "Display if can't load txt file";