Text not showing up on initial random load

I have a photo viewer with 40 photos that load externaly,

each photo has coordinates displayed in a text field and a link to go with it,

the coordinates and links are all in a text file.

a random photo is loaded at first; init () ; then the user can go forward and backward though the photos.

the coord. text shows up undefined on the first photo then when you click on the next photo is comes up fine.

while the coord. text doesn show up, the hyperlink on that button works fine.


Can anyone take look at this

try adding a setInterval() to the initial functioncall from after the image loads. Just make sure to set a clearInterval() in the actual function. A lot of times this may give just enough of a delay to solve similar problems.

USually 100-250 ms is enough time… See if that does anything…

Cant get the set interval to solve it,

here is the file is any one can take a look at it