Text with Asian characters?

Since I have some clients from Korea, Japan and China, I was very pleased when I heard, that the new Versions of all Macromedia software supports now text in Asian characters. Before I allways had to convert Asian text into a graphic first (e.g in Photoshop).
Now I got Fireworks MX and Flash MX. In Fireworks it works great now, I can edit Asian text in a normal text layer. But unfortunately I can’t get it to work in Flash. Allthough with the correct fonts installed and selected Asian character won’t show up correctly in Flash.
Do I make something wrong, or is this feature really not (yet) possible in Flash?

y’know … i was excited too when i heard that i could put asian text into my movies. but it still doesnt work for me and i have to have it as an imported graphic from photoshop or something.

kinda sucks