hi all i need some help i want to make some text which looks like its engraved in a background color how do i do this


Using PS you could simply use a slight inner shadow and set the layer blending mode to overlay or multiply (it all depends on what look you like)

how do u do that?


those might help a little:)

yeah thats the sort im looking for but is there any way in doing it in flash?

I think in flash the effects are harder to make but easier to animate. If you understand how PS creates the effects, its pretty easy to emulate it using flash or fireworks.

cheers do u know any tutorials which tell me how to make engraved text in fireworks?


i would suggest you play around a bit with the effects you find in fireworks, you can this effect quite easely yourself, just give it a go…

and i guess you can follow that photoshop tutorial, and once you understand the principle, then you will be able to use it in any other program…

why not just import something into flash that you made in photoshop?