Textfield by actionscript


how do i create an textfield, put it in the middle of the stage, define the font, corps and color by using only actionscript???

this has to be possible but i don’t have a cleu.


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Check the Actionscript Dictionary, movieclip.createTextField, and TextField.setFormat. It’s all there.

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I was typing a very similar answer, probably at the same time, but went away for a while without clicking send. Oh well… same answer. :slight_smile:


I posted a download with all the script in a few days ago (i’ll get a tutorial out on that pretty soon…), here’s the link again:

That good old Eyezberg! How are you doing? And is France coping with my being so far away?

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Rahh!!! M’en parle meme pas. Ici, tout le monde se fout de notre gueule. Heureusement, on leur met la patee quand on joue au foot, mais quand meme…

Sinon, je suis sur un grand projet, la. Un pote et moi, on va essayer de faire un site en Flash totalement modulaire, un peu a la PHPNuke, mais en Flash. Donc je suis en recherche de tout ce que je peux trouver en matiere de liaison Flash PHP, XML… D’ailleurs si j’ai des problemes, je pourrais te poser des questions? Ailleurs que sur le forum, parce que t’as pas l’air d’y trainer autant qu’au bon vieux temps… (d’ailleurs qu’est-ce qui te prends autant de temps?).


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geez i love the French to English translator…hehe

still quite hard to understand…but you get the basic meaning of the thing… the thing that ur trying to make sounds pretty cool, it would be good to have something like that for managing a site…would make things a whole lot easier… :slight_smile:

Arg! The French code has been brocken! Anyway, I’m not on ICQ anymore, I switched to MSN, but I try not to use it because it just takes too much time.

But thanks for the offer, Eyez, I’ll probably ask a few things soon.

And Bezzer, yes, I think it is a interesting project. Actually, the idea is not mine. I just wanted to build a Portal entirely in Flash, but he turned into this complete modular solution. I don’t even know if it is possible to do (and he doesn’t know Flash at all, he’s ‘just’ a PHP/ASP tough SOAB). He was even thinking about selling it, but now, we all the AS viewers and all…:*(

Anyway, we should start quite soon :slight_smile:

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woohoo!!! lol
Really, lots of people speak french (im not one of them) so i dont know how secretive you thought ur posts were going to be…hehe :slight_smile:

Yeah i think it would be posible…you would just need some good backend…like what eyezblahblah can give u…if u work together i think you could probably get it working…it would deffiatly make things easier for a lot of people being able to have news and things like that added by just loging in and posting their article…oh well good luck with it :slight_smile:

Thanks =) I’ll keep you informed on how it goes.

Cool that would be good…i could also help if you wanted… :)=) :o